Breed facts at a glance



is called Pura Raza Española and it is about Andalusians with papers.



pure spanish horses are crossed with foreign blood (mostly arabian or thoroughbred).


Tres Sangres

Threeblood: Crossbreed of three breeds, mostly Andalusian, Arab and English Thoroughbred.



Carthusian horses, particularly noble subbreed of the Andalusian.


Hispanic Arab

Spanish horses with thoroughbred Arabian influence.




Descend from Portugal and also belong to the Iberians.

What distinguishes the Iberian horses from?

Of course you gentle, more upright character, her high Intelligence and their above-average learning and comprehension skills. They are spirited, courageous and responsive. In addition, they all have a unique appearance and are also very robust.

They are suitable for Leisure areaas well as for the high dressage and are originally trained in Spain for the Doma Vaquera. In this country the Iberians are more and more often trained for the working equitation used. By and large a real all-rounder!

Feeding recommendation in comparison

In the adjoining graphic you can see how differently horses from our homeland and horses from Spain are fed. In Germany mainly hay feeding and pasture management, in Spain 80% straw is fed. Due to a sudden change, various problems can occur. Therefore, the horses are changed over to our conditions as slowly as possible or the straw-rich feeding is maintained.